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CIM – Medical Inovation Center

Website for a medical clinic focused on longevity

Website design

Custom design and frontend
A custom designed and responsive website developed from scratch using Webflow®. Create, edit and update your website with complete autonomy using webflow's intuitive content management system (CMS).
  • Page layout and navigation
  • Typographic styles
  • UI elements and animations (buttons, forms, menus, lists, boxes, etc.)
  • Responsive design
  • Webflow® CMS*
* Includes a subscription plan.

Airtable® CMS

Upgrade your CMS with Airtable®
Connect Webflow® to Airtable® and benefit from a robust content management experience that can be fully customized to your team's specific needs, like a custom software solution.
  • Airtable® base, tables and interface configuration*
  • API connections setup*
* Includes a subscription plan.


Setup and manage an online store
This module allows you to add a shopping cart to your website; accept payments for your physical or digital products; manage orders and inventory; create product variables; calculate taxes and define shipping zones. Using webflow's intuitive CMS you and your team will be able to manage everything in your online shop.
  • Webflow® E-commerce setup
  • Webflow® CMS*
* Includes a subscription plan.


Accept and manage membership plans
The membership module allows you to monetize your website by accepting membership plans. With this module you will have access to a dashboard where you will be able to accept membership payments; manage plans and permissions; define members-only content and personalize content to each one of your members.
  • Memberstack® setup and integration*
* Includes a subscription plan.


Translate your website to multiple languages
If you need to translate your Webflow® website to one or more languages we can setup a platform that follows the best practices in multilingual SEO.
  • Weglot® setup and integration*
* Includes a subscription plan.