Brand identity

Memorable trademarks and consistent identity programs

Casa dos Choupos

Rebranding and adapting a social work institution for the digital world

Logo Design

Wordmark; symbol and signatures
The logo is probably the most important element in a brand's visual identity. If you don't have the budget to develop a full identity program, the logo design is the place to start building your brand.
  • Wordmark
  • Symbol
  • Vertical and horizontal signatures
  • Logo color specs

Visual identity

Colors, fonts, image style, icons and patterns
A visual identity program provides a toolkit and guidelines for how the logo should be applied; what colors to use; fonts; image style; icon style and patterns. This is a valuable toolkit that allows your brand to grow consistently no matter what design supplier you use in the future.
  • Main and complementary colors
  • Fonts
  • Image style
  • Icon style
  • Patterns
  • Mockups
  • Brand identity manual PDF

Messages, claims and voice

Collection of messages that support the brand identity
The tagline is a short sentence that communicates the brand purpose and translates its personality. Besides the tagline, a brand can also have a set of complementary messages or claims to use in communications. The tone of these messages define the brand's voice and personality.
  • Tagline
  • Brand messages or claims

Logo animation

Logo animation to be used in video.
A video presentation of your logo in motion including audio and sound effects. This is useful if your brand uses or plans to use video in communications.
  • Animated logo in 16:9 Full HD video
  • Audio track and sound effects

Brand icons set

Set of custom icons that fit the brand identity
Design of a set of custom icons following your brand's guidelines that can be used in digital, print, signage and environment.
  • Vector icons in AI, PDF and SVG
  • Bitmap icons in PNG